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In an earlier post on my visit to The Orangery (tea house) at Kensington, I rated the fare inferior to tea at home. I offer for your consideration and replication a description of our family teas.

Pictured is one of our beautiful spreads on an elegant, silver service. We usually have a green salad and something savory, something sweet, or both — not to mention tea.

In these snaps, you see a green salad (described below), cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, tomato and cream cheese sandwiches, an apple tart, a cookie, and of course, our favourite tea (described below).

Being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints, we drink herbal tea (infusions), nothing actually containing tea leaves. (To learn why, click here.) Our favourite tea is Saveurs du Soir, flavour Réglisse et Menthe (liquorice and mint), distributed by Lipton.

The salads pictured above contain red sail lettuce, sliced pears, feta, and Italian dressing. Our usual green salad is a base of spinach and arugula; topped with roasted pine nuts, jicama, grape tomatoes, and carrot medallions; and dressed with Italian dressing.

One of the books of which we have made use is Tea & Crumpets by Margaret Johnson and Leigh Beisch. Another in our library (but which we have perhaps never used) is Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson and Tom Carpenter. The former introduced me to Glamorgan sausages, a treat rather like a quiche without the crust, something not too far off from a frittata. No, it’s not a meat product; it’s egg and cheese.

book image credits to goodreads.com

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  1. I offer my testament that your home teas are the best in my experience, far superior culinarily to that we experienced at the orangery. Though I lack personal preference for either sweets or infusions, I find your salads, savories, society, and setting are hard to match.

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