How to make an ant poison trap that’s pet safe

You may already know about using boric acid (Borax) to defeat an ant infestation. But how to distribute it effectively without risking your pets’ wellbeing?

I suffered a large invasion this month: ~100 ants visible at a glance, and they had made it from the apartment door to the pantry. Moreover, I have a cat who spends much of her time indoors. 24 hours after deploying two of my ant traps, I could find only five ants in the apartment, and none at all two days later.

Build your own with household odds and ends

The poison: to attract and kill the ants, mix boric acid with sugar. I added three parts sugar (1 Tbsp) to one part Borax (1 tsp). Then I added just enough water to make a syrupy concoction.

The strategy: the ants will eat some of the poison potion and carry some of it back to their superiors at the nest/hive. Memories of the cunning regicide make me quiver with delight.

The dispensary: I overturned the lid of a pill phial (just like the orange ones you get from the pharmacy). These lids have small holes all around them, raised slightly off the ground (when the lid is overturned). They’ll admit ants of any size. Pour some of the poisoned syrup into the overturned lid. Close off the lid with adhesive tape (I used masking tape).

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