Instructions for a Magical Treasure Hunt

Whether you want to reproduce this magical treasure hunt for your friends and family or you just want to see how many of the riddles you can solve, follow along. Among other things, you’ll find a ghost, coloured flames, a laser eye, hidden messages, and — yes — brain-teasing riddles. The game begins You find […]

How to: make Colored Flames

The concept You can use a methanol flame and various ionic substances (salts) to make colored flames. All of the flames pictured in this post were produced by me using the methods detailed herein. Most of the substances mentioned below can be obtained inexpensively from ordinary merchants (i.e. no need to visit a chemist). green boric salt […]

Strontium Carbonate to Strontium Chloride (w/ everyday materials)

Thanks to Matt Crook for his error-checking and information. [youtube style=”height:150px;width:177px;float: right;” ]vltFchuGi0Y[/youtube] Suppose you want to make a red flame like the one on the right… …but you can’t find a vendor for strontium chloride (I couldn’t) and you don’t want to spend in excess of $20 for lithium chloride (I didn’t). For a […]

How to make an ant poison trap that’s pet safe

You may already know about using boric acid (Borax) to defeat an ant infestation. But how to distribute it effectively without risking your pets’ wellbeing? I suffered a large invasion this month: ~100 ants visible at a glance, and they had made it from the apartment door to the pantry. Moreover, I have a cat […]