Quest for the Murderer pt. 8: the chantry

Using Athanor’s key, the treasure hunters can access the rearmost part of the chantry (they need to be able to access part of the chantry at least before this point in order to collect Freya’s charms). A few seconds after opening the door, disembodied speech greets them. In the chantry, the treasure hunters find Freya’s […]

Quest for the Murderer pt. 7: beneath the blossom

[Excerpt from Athanor’s journal:] I have determined to undertake the hunt for the others’ charms. I ween I have an advantage in unlocking the secrets of these treasures: I observe that charmed items — mine, at least —phosphoresce, but so faintly that I suppose I should never have noticed it if not for my close […]

Quest for the Murderer pt. 6: beneath the tide

[Fragment from an unnamed grimoire:] … have dealings with specters who require servitude and return power. Magicians enthralled to such cannot be put to rest, no matter the mortal hurts inflicted upon them; either the Specter must be overcome or else the aegis which holds the thrall’s heart must be broken. The magician’s life ends […]