Quest for the Castle Treasure: Dénouement

This post is part of a series on the magical treasure hunt, particularly, the Quest for the Castle Treasure.

The final clue

Inside the pipe are a few strips of tin and a message: ‘The key to the castle treasure eroded to dust lifetimes ago, but the secret to the lock lies already in thine hand. Take thou these plates, though thou needest but one.’

The strips of tin are cut from a second-hand cookie tin. One of them must be cut into the shape of the key (which, in fact, was lost long before the antique padlock came into my possession). The shape of the key is given in the drawing included in the introductory handbook. The counterfeit key opens the lock, and the contents of the treasure box belong to the players.

After the treasure hunt

I packaged up the materials for the treasure hunt and sent them off with one of my sibling couples so that they can stage the treasure hunt for their other family. When they’re done, the materials will go off to the next sibling.

I encourage you to adapt to this treasure hunt for your own family and start a propagation of your own. Thanks for joining us.

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  1. nope – no black eye. looks almost like a water spot on a developed picture — of course this was just digital. so, don’t ask me what it was.

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