Quest for the Castle Treasure: Using Freya’s Device

This post is part of a series on the magical treasure hunt, particularly, the Quest for the Castle Treasure.

What’s in the box

The box houses Freya’s device, a message, and a colour cipher, accompanied by a bottle of aqua vitae.

The device is the stand for Adelmar’s eye, the message reads as follows:

It seems impossible that these years’ work be completed at last. I must have been half dreaming with fatigue and half intoxicated with achievement when I finally made use of it yesterday. There can be no doubt that the instrument works, but it is a hollow success; the device is beyond my power to harness. I attempted to operate it again at twilight this morning and again at even, but my gaze is insufficiently true to follow its insight utterly. I cannot bring myself to conclude, but only to ask: has my labour been in vain, truly?

The aqua vitae burns yellow this time, and the cipher reads: ‘affix to the eastmost parapet’.

How to use the device

The treasure hunters must infer from Freya’s message that not just anyone’s eye can make use of the device; it has to be the clairvoyant’s. If the treasure hunters failed to collect his eye during the quest for the murderer, they must do so now. (Adelmar’s second diary excerpt gives the location.)

Adelmar’s eye must be secured in the device. (See how to make Adelmar’s laser eye.) The eastmost parapet refers to the post at the eastmost point on the balcony. Once the device is in place and the electrical leads from the eye are connected to the battery case on the stand, the light from the laser eye will fall on a steel post in the backyard.

The next post details what’s inside.

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