Quest for the Murderer pt. 4: the writ behind the song

The haunts of the nine: for Morrigan, the gallery; for Aleister, the library; for Chiara, the chapel; for Erasmus, the ossuary; for Freya, the chantry; for Adelmar, the observatory; for Helmold, the salon; for Lorrcan, the garden; for Athanor, the solar.

Seek the mace which does no harm.

This message provides insight as to where to seek the charms of the fellowship. The red-bound spell book instructed the treasure hunters that the charms would be in the dens of their owners. The castle map indicates the locations of the gallery, the library, the chapel, etc. This is a good time for the treasure hunters to earnestly seek the charms; however, there is more assistance to come, so I will again postpone discussing them.

The riddle: Any treasure hunter handy with a spice rack or worthy dictionary can tell you that mace is not just a weapon: it is a spice obtained from the nutmeg tree. For about five dollars, I got a tall bottle of mace from the grocery store. That’s where the next clue lies.

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