Quest for the Murderer pt. 3: the cool draft

[An excerpt from Athanor’s diary:]

I have discovered — and not infrequently — Helmold skulking about my quarters and still more often discovered him poking about the abandoned quarters of the fled habitants of the castle. Freya persists that he is merely pinching clothes and sundries (which he later wears in his romps about the castle, pretending to be one or another of his cohorts).

I nevertheless suppose that he is looking for something more. As a precautionary measure, I have begun moving my workshop from the solar to the grotto and have secreted my charmed emblems in this place.

I am considering undertaking a hunt of my own for the others’ magical emblems. I wonder how Helmold would like the shoe on the other foot, to find me poking about his things for a change?

[In a ghostly hand:]

Seek thou the writ behind the hymn whose tune is Forsaken.

In addition to the foregoing text, this location holds Athanor’s three charms. This is the start of the hunt for the charmed items, but finding them becomes much easier when more information is given later in this quest, so I will postpone discussing the hunt for charms until that point.

The riddle: This is without doubt the most enigmatic of the puzzles in any of the three quests. Among the appendices in the hymnals at church[1] is one for titles, tunes, and meters. Yes, the tunes for the hymns have their own names. An examination of this appendix reveals a tune named ‘Forsaken’, and the only hymn which makes use of it is ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’.

The text behind this hymn comes from Psalm 23. A Bible was included in the initial materials granted to the treasure hunters. It has been stuffed with over a dozen red herrings (which are readily mistaken for placeholders), but if the treasure hunters turn to Psalm 23, they’ll find the next clue.

The red herring placeholders contain misinformation about the story as well as faulty, cryptic instructions for the next location. They should be disregarded.

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