Quest for the Murderer pt. 5: the mace

[A page from Adelmar’s diary, recovered from an abandoned asylum behind a barrier of thorns:] Flown again. My pursuers shall discover my most recent refuge before the sennight is out, but they shall find it empty. This makes thrice. Hunted day and night, night and day, and now depleted, enervated. Ever watchful for portents of […]

Quest for the Murderer pt. 4: the writ behind the song

The haunts of the nine: for Morrigan, the gallery; for Aleister, the library; for Chiara, the chapel; for Erasmus, the ossuary; for Freya, the chantry; for Adelmar, the observatory; for Helmold, the salon; for Lorrcan, the garden; for Athanor, the solar. Seek the mace which does no harm. This message provides insight as to where […]

Quest for the Murderer pt. 3: the cool draft

[An excerpt from Athanor’s diary:] I have discovered — and not infrequently — Helmold skulking about my quarters and still more often discovered him poking about the abandoned quarters of the fled habitants of the castle. Freya persists that he is merely pinching clothes and sundries (which he later wears in his romps about the […]