Quest for the Castle Treasure: Introductory Envelope

This post is part of a series on the magical treasure hunt, particularly, the Quest for the Castle Treasure.

The introductory envelope contains only the following map of the property, with four instructions in the lower left corner.

  • 28 feet on the bearing from Luz to Ashkelon
  • 43.25 feet on the bearing from Ephrath to Samaria
  • 33.75 feet on the bearing from Gath to Jebus
  • And beneath the green

The treasure hunters can find their starting point on the map, combine the three vectors listed above, and locate the next clue.

Being students of the Bible, the treasure hunters should recognize some of these place names; others they can find in a gazetteer; others they must look up in a dictionary (Luz equates to Bethany, Ephrath equates to Bethlehem, and Jebus equates to Jerusalem).

The players’ destination is the air-conditioning units on the northeast side of the house, around which is laid green artificial turf (to prevent weeds). Beneath the turf is a small, locked box and a note. The note reads: ‘A diminutive tower stands beside the fourth of seven pillars, the key within.’

The opening of this box will be discussed in the post on the stones-and-bones box.

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