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  1. tonight we were re-telling about the treasure hunt to Rachel Strain. I got so giddy about it I printed off all your instructions and internally-linked info. (What a magnum opus just to write it up — go figure creating it all.) I am ever amazed by your prowess. I know i’m not near smart enough to appreciate the sky-high IQ and creativity and research that went into this. But – i am a full witness to how awesomely fun it was to do. Thank you again and again. I can’t wait to get the goods from Eric and recreate (as possible) it here. I’ve toyed w the idea of offering a treasure hunt night to some of my brainiest friends. sadly (in this context), they do have little kids, so the hunt would have to be somewhat streamlined so to fit in the amt of time they could sneak away. but, …. we shall see. I have some friends in this neighborhood that would really get a kick out of the intellectualness of it all. grazie and love you.

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