Historical things to see in the UK

Taking a trip to England and want ideas for an an itinerary?  Here’s what I did.  What follows is a series on my two-week trip, sprinkled with advice and attractions from England, Wales, and Scotland.

My interest lay in historical attractions, and I visited a good assortment of places dating from England’s Roman age (AD 42–400) to the Victorian age (1850–1910).

The following sites/towns (and others) will be addressed:

  • Globe Theatre
  • Tower of London
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Hadrian’s wall
  • St. Martin in the Field
  • Lindisfarne
  • British Library
  • Vindolanda
  • Alnwick Castle
  • Old Gaol at Hexham
  • Hylton Castle
  • Bamburgh Castle

Christine, Luther, Markham at Tower of London

I made the trip with both my parents, my old college roommate, my sister, and her fiance.  We rented a car and did quite a lot of driving.  With six of us and our luggage crammed into one of those wee little UK conveyances, it was quite tight.

Tip: Lighten your packing by bringing only 2 or 3 changes of clothes, a bit of laundry soap, and a clothes line.  Do your washing in the sink.

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