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How to make an ant poison trap that’s pet safe

You may already know about using boric acid (Borax) to defeat an ant infestation. But how to distribute it effectively without risking your pets’ wellbeing? I suffered a large invasion this month: ~100 ants visible at a glance, and they … Continue reading

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Folsom Renaissance Faire review 2011

The last Renaissance festival of the season in this area is the Folsom faire. The faire was somewhat diminished because the Folsom faire lasts but one weekend, and this year it coincided with the final weekend of the Northern California … Continue reading

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From the Undercroft

(originally posted 9 Oct 2011 in Kingdom of Horror vol. 7: Poetry) (in anapestic tetrameter: ––+––+––+––+) Late a breath stirs from deep in the chill undercroft But say who, after dusk, could make breath so to waft? Eft a scratch … Continue reading

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Watch Star Wars on the command line

Let’s exult in the excellent transcendence of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope across barriers of media. It’s on telnet, all animated in ASCII characters. You can watch it from your command line. (Instructions follow.) /~\ |oo ) We’re doomed! … Continue reading

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