11 Must-play Flash Games (+ 10 more)

These are some free, above-the-rank-and-file  games you can play on your browser. I tend to like puzzle games, so that’s what I recommend. (Most or all of these games can be found on multiple free flash game sites. If you find one host’s background or ads offputting, try another: kongregate.com, newgrounds.com, addictinggames.com, etc.) One and One Story : […]

How to use Arduino as AVR Programmer (for ATMega328p)

You can use an Arduino as an AVR Programmer to upload a program onto another miniprocessor microchip (in this document, an Arduino UNO and ATMega328p). (Much of the following information can be found on arduino.cc’s tutorial pertaining to this topic. More of it can be found at high-low tech’s tutorial. Here I combine all the […]