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How to use Arduino as AVR Programmer (for ATMega328p)

You can use an Arduino as an AVR Programmer to upload a program onto another miniprocessor microchip (in this document, an Arduino UNO and ATMega328p). (Much of the following information can be found on’s tutorial pertaining to this topic. … Continue reading

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Taking Control (Back) in Google Website Optimizer

What do you do when you want to decide which variation a particular user sees? That’s a question that just doesn’t come up in most GWO tests, but suppose, for instance, you want to run two tests on your site … Continue reading

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Watch Star Wars on the command line

Let’s exult in the excellent transcendence of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope across barriers of media. It’s on telnet, all animated in ASCII characters. You can watch it from your command line. (Instructions follow.) /~\ |oo ) We’re doomed! … Continue reading

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Ruby on Rails on Notepad++

For everyone who doesn’t use emacs or vim to write code, Notepad++ (alias: npp) is a great text editor. With the following instructions, you can adapt to Ruby on Rails, correcting a syntax highlighting issue that occurs in .erb files (viewed … Continue reading

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