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Fullmetal Alchemist (GBA) Review: Can You Play This?

Bottom Line This game feels more like watching an anime than playing a game. (+) True to the source material. (-) Tedious gameplay. Can You Play This? The dialogue is the best aspect to the game, and it’s only in … Continue reading

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Climbing Mt. Fuji: what you need and what you don’t

What should you purchase for a hike up Mt. Fuji, and what should you avoid? Rain gear It’s not unreasonable to expect rain on your hike. You can rent rain gear from sundry locations, but there may be a better … Continue reading

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Danu’s Lock | Magical Treasure Hunt 2013

When I say that the Box of Bog Bryg held an opera, I mean that it in fact held the entire 100-page score to an opera: Atalanta┬áby George Frideric Handel.[1] Naturally, we all understood — to varying degrees but all … Continue reading

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The Clock | Magical Treasure Hunt 2013

Shortly after opening the four boxes in the flour cupboard, we examined the clock and assembled it by attaching the hour and minute hand to it. The pendulum was actually a stud which could be pressed like the switches on … Continue reading

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