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Ruby on Rails on Notepad++

For everyone who doesn’t use emacs or vim to write code, Notepad++ (alias: npp) is a great text editor. With the following instructions, you can adapt to Ruby on Rails, correcting a syntax highlighting issue that occurs in .erb files (viewed … Continue reading

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The Fall of Man: No Catch-22

A good rule of thumb is that there’s no point debating what could have been. Today I’m going to break that rule by describing what could have been if not for the transgression of Adam and Eve because I continue … Continue reading

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Melchizedek is not Jesus

Not long ago, I read a paper which defended the position that Melchizedek of the Old Testament was the ante-mortal Messiah. The paper made a great analysis, which included philology, legend, and canonical scripture. Today, it seems reasonable to assemble … Continue reading

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Day 4: Bedfordshire to Derbyshire

The previous post in this series on our visits through Britain detailed our family history calls for the Fenn family in Billington and Leighton Buzzard. In our travel northward through Bedfordshire, we created a few other memories, however. Villages of … Continue reading

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